• 2013



    Get tickets to see Cloven Skies rock the Hard Rock Cafe Nashville on Oct 27th here:

  • 2013



    Getting signed and just got asked to play the Hard Rock Cafe in late October. Email me at if you are interested.

  • 2013


    New Song!!!

    Just uploaded "Can't Stop Me" for your listening enjoyment! Check it out and leave a comment letting me know what you think. :)

  • 2013


    Music Featured in Commercial!

    Worldwide and well known, has selected a sample from my newest track "Can't Stop Me" to debut in their new commercial. Check it out here:

  • 2013


    Music Video Starring you!

    Dear Fans,

    Cloven Skies needs you, your friends and/or family! :) I will be making a fan video of the new song I am recording "Can't Stop Me". If you would like to be in the video, use your smart phone or camera and record footage of you learning to do and/or doing something you've always wanted to do. (ex. painting a work of art, learning karate, loosing weight, anything.)

    Use the free service: to send the footage to

    Until the new song is completed, feel free to listen to the rest of the music at

    NOTE: Deadline to submit video footage is September 13, 2013. Not every video will be selected as the song is no more than a few minutes. By submitting footage, you agree to give Cloven Skies full permission to use the footage in the music video for "Can't Stop Me".

    Thank you so much for the love and support, Reid of Cloven Skies

  • 2013


    ON the radio now!

    Listen here:

  • 2013


    Two Shows One day!

    Listen to Cloven Skies today at 3pm EST. on and 7pm EST on!

  • 2013



    Just posted up a new song: Fresh Hope. Let me know what you think. :) Enjoy. Reid of Cloven Skies

  • 2013


    A message from Cloven Skies

    For the fans that were here in the beginning, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping my passion grow and my dreams become reality. To the new fans, I welcome you. You are why I do this. WIth each recording and performance, you make Cloven Skies another exciting chapter in my life. As long as you are here, I promise to work to supply you with amazing song that have meaning. I wish you nothing but good things and hope Cloven Skies will help you get through the bad, soar through the good, inspire you to pursue your dreams, motivate you to achieve everything you want and help to spread the love. Thank you for your support and love, - Reid of Cloven Skies

  • 2013


    New Song Added!

    Cloven Skies new single, "Dreams" is up for your listening enjoyment. Check it out and leave them some love. :)

  • 2013


    TOP 10

    Cloven Skies is in the top 10 for Nashville!!!! Thank you soo much to all the fans who made it possible. Next stop the nation, then the world! lol. :)

  • 2013


    New Song Uploaded

    Just uploaded "Sky High" for your enjoyment. Give it a listen and some feedback. -Cloven Skies

  • 2013


    Unplugged Song

    I have posted a 100% unplugged acoustic song titled: "Young" here on Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

  • 2013


    For those who missed the show.

    For those of you who were not able to make the show, you can still hear it at: There were some amazing artists on their including Cloven Skies.

  • 2013


    The Justin Wayne Show!!!

    EXCITING NEWS!!! Just found out "Press On" will be featured on the upcoming Justin Wayne Show!!!! They are LIVE Mondays at 12pm PST, 3pm EST and 8pm GMT on and podcasted the following Wednesday. Check it out and let them know what you think about my song!

  • 2013



    Recording some new material. Very Excited! Check out our songs up to and get a listen to a clip of the new song, Sky High. Thanks for the support and the love, you all rock and I hope to be hitting the stage for your enjoyment very soon! Reid.

  • 2012


    I'm Here

    For those of you reading this, I want you to know that I am here. I may not know you, but I do care about you. Everything is connected and we are part of it. I wish you nothing but good and I write to help you get through the bad and inspire, motivate and love. Thank you for your support and love, -Cloven Skies

  • 2012


    "ANTHEM" Uploaded

    As promised, for the first time ever, from my art to your ears ... I give you "ANTHEM". To have your life changed, just simply press the "play" button.

    *If you love the music, click "Become A Fan"

    Give me some feedback on my lyrics, music, recording and mixing.

    -Cloven Skies

  • 2012



    STATUS UPDATE: For those of you that are here now in the beginning, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping my passion grow and my dream soon become reality. As way to say thank you all for the future, Cloven Skies will be releasing a new song titled: "ANTHEM" on September 22nd. Let me hear ya if you cant wait to hear it. :)

  • 2012



    Love me, share me, I am yours. You love the music on this album? Then download it for free and let others hear it. Make videos with it, make beats from it, use it in movies and in soundtracks. *Just let everyone who sees or hears your art know that the music is from Cloven Skies. I write music to inspire, encourage, motivate and exhilarate.

  • 2012


    The Website

    To the fans,

    Some of you have asked me about the Cloven Skies website. Just to let you know it is in the works, and should be up soon. There, you will be able to get your daily fill of all things Cloven Skies ;) -Reid of Cloven Skies

  • 2012


    Video: Can't Stop Me

    To the fans,

    I just started recording footage of Cant Stop Me. Like everything I do, I spend massive amounts of time making sure it is perfect. It will be a while before its finished, but know when it is... I promise it will give you chill bumps and change your life.

    I'll keep you posted. Reid of Cloven Skies

    PS Give me some feedback on what I can do to make this page better. If I use it, I give you props, and maybe backstage passes at our next show. ;)

  • 2012


    1st Post

    To the fans,

    This is my first blog post. I want you to know that I write my music to send out positive vibes in a negative world. I hope my music inspires, encourages, motivates and exhilarates.

    I love you though I don't know you and I think of you every time I write.

    Reid of Cloven Skies


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